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Ways To Contribute?

HUSU is highly motivating because we constantly push our kids to get high grades in school and to explore careers and life experiences that will support them as adults and the overall community. We provide a life changing experience for all of our volunteers by giving them tools to become mentors, opportunities to change their own community, and insight into how to manage projects while becoming leaders.

Become A Mentor

We've all been blessed with gifts and talents that, when used individually, can be powerful but imagine a world where individuals came together in a collective effort to share their gifts, the impact would be monumental. The work that's being done in Haiti is bigger than HUSU.

We believe that it will take the world, to help save the world. Will you help us, save us? IF YES! Click the volunteer tab below. 

Athletics Programs

Promoting education is one of the core values of the Help Us Save Us, Arts and Crafts program and an integral part of our mission. At the heart of our commitment lies the belief that learning in and through the arts can serve as a powerful tool for student achievement in the classroom and in life. Our arts education programming offers a wide range of opportunities for both students and volunteers to explore the arts through performances and workshops. We hope that you will join us as we work toward improving the lives of all through arts in education.

HUSU supports excellence in athletics by recruiting coaches who understand the academic and social benefits of athletics in the lives of children. Our athletics staff prepares students for participation in sports within and outside of the town of St. Raphael.




Arts & Crafts Program

Education Program 


Construction Programs

We believe a good part our success is based on one simple fact; we listen to what our community has to say. Here’s what they have told us, they like our organization, especially the service, and they love our mission, but they just don’t like the fact that the country doesn’t have any work opportunities after graduation.

We think that it’s important for you to know that all of our kid’s education are based on the work you do after meeting the kids. Our job is to spread the word as much as we can about HUSU and HUSU will do its best to provide the kids as well as our volunteers the best experience that best fits there needs.

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