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About us

Help Us Save Us inc, has been incorporated since March 2010. Through the years we have become very successful with our programs and have evolved into one of the largest organization in our area in St. Raphael, Haiti.  We feed over 300 kids a year. We have created a big brother, big sister program where the older kids help tutor the younger kids in school. We have also created an after school program where the kids can choose to work on Art and Craft or play basketball, soccer, jump rope, volleyball and other fun activities.



Help Us, Save Us vision is to serve all humanity by providing assistance in education, health, and athletics. We know by providing this type of assistance everyone in Help Us Save Us will see and earn an experience on what God has placed them on the earth to see. Help Us Save Us believes we should teach our people how to fish instead of fishing for them.


Our mission is to provide sustainable solutions for children affected by the aftermath of the disastrous earthquake that occurred in the month of January 2010 and the recent catastrophe of Hurricane Matthew in 2016. We are seeking solutions to help these children not become a victim of poverty. We travel to Haiti all year for our goals, are to help build a Children Center that will preoccupy the children with academic materials, artistic activities, Sports, and Health activities.


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