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Our Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign is now live!
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The children of Haiti are in dire need of access to adequate food, medical care, and education. HUSU has the opportunity to meet these needs by building a Children’s Center Saint Raphael, Haiti.

With your help we can build a Children’s Center that will provide impoverished children and orphans in Haiti with the opportunity to take part in: recreation, singing, dancing, chapel, sports, arts and crafts and more with the overall goal of fostering children who are self-reliant and able to contribute to their communities in countless ways.

The center will give us the chance to feed 500 children with three meals a day for one week each month, this is more than most Haitian children receive in a year. Our dream is to provide clean water, clinics, trade schools and cabins with over 500 beds, but we need you to help make this dream come true!

Click on the link below to learn more about how you can help by donating money and/or specific materials for our Children Center in Haiti.

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Together we can build A Better World.

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